Opportunity in the midst of difficulty – the story of invitation

I just had to get a flight connection yesterday. I had planned the journey from Winnipeg to Saulte Ste Marie to the minute. I had taken the early flight getting up at 0345 and set off. The one I was anxious about was the connecting flight So imagine my horror when I checked in for my connection to see that there was fog and many flights were delayed I have trained myself now to pause and breathe and think God. As I was looking at my flight scheduled in 3 hours it changed from on time to delayed! I approached the Air Canada desk and the person on the desk said that they had delayed an earlier flight to the same destination and there was a seat on the flight now departing in 20 minutes. But I could not travel without my luggage which was tagged to be on the later flight. The flight assistant said she would see if she could locate my luggage. After 5 minutes she came back saying that just as she entered the baggage area my luggage came shooting passed. She got me on the flight and I arrived 2 hours ahead of schedule. We fear disaster in invitation at times, but even when we get rejected in our attempts to invite, think God. What does God have in mind in the midst of the difficulty. Maybe there is an opportunity to grow and be transformed and therefore you come out of the situation ahead.