Invitation – Making decisions on behalf of our friends

Some people think it is their responsibility to make decisions for other people. What if the person that I was inviting to church was actually looking for what Christ had to offer? We often make a decision that we couldn’t possibly know the answer to. How would we know if people are or aren’t interested in coming to church if I am not prepared to make the invitation”? Intervening on the part of another person is actually making a decision for them. We initially feel it is our responsibility to “protect” the person. If we invite someone to church and they do or do not come, or do or do not stay it is because of their doing, not because of me making the invitation. We have to be careful about looking out for our friends best interest and protecting them. My challenge for you, is to pray about inviting a friend to church,  and then go and invite them. Be like the person who said “I didn’t want to say no for them.”