Invitation and the fear driven life

“Cold turkey” describes the actions of a person who abruptly gives up a habit or addiction rather than gradually easing the process through gradual reduction or by using replacement medication. We in the church have become addicted to not inviting our friends and getting out of the addiction, may in fact need a dose of cold turkey. In my seminars I often say, that to overcome fear, we do the thing that we fear, it soon goes away! Perhaps another way of dealing with our fear is to deal with it on a salami slice basis. Salami slicing is a series of many minor actions. We could let our friends know that we have a fear of inviting, we could practice inviting in the mirror! We could practice on a friend. We could go with a friend as they invite one of their friends. Then you’re  friend could go with you for support as you invite someone Whether it is cold turkey or salami slicing overcoming our fear brings joy.