The St John Foghorn and Invitation

There it was again a dull distant sound, but what was it? I am sitting in Peter and Elaine’s house in St John Newfoundland after finding out I was hearing the St John foghorn, which is blasting every 30 seconds! Can you imagine living in a place where when the fog descends a horns sounds until the fog lifts. I think those most who live hear have become deaf to the sound, but for the visitor it is constant. A foghorn is used to warn vehicles or boats of hazards. It made me think that God also at times uses a foghorn as well. In the past he sent his prophets who warned by saying Behold and Beware. What would God say today through his prophets. Perhaps to our society he would say Beware of what you become in pursuit of what you want. It is Coldplay in one of the songs called Fix You who say “when you get what you want but not what you need.” God has broken through in the past using all sorts of people and animals to warn (Baalam’s Ass). But perhaps we have become deaf to the warning. Through invitation to church we can also play our part, by helping our friends as one of my mentors Jim Rohn says “behold the possibilities and beware the hazards in life.”