The Influence of Elders and Invitation

One of the mistakes we make is calling members of our congregations elderly. It is almost as if we put them on the scrap heap. I was told this week by one member of clergy that he had a hospice ministry to their present congregation. The idea that they had become passengers awaiting their call to heaven. This all makes older people think that their day has gone. I believe we should call out from our congregations the concept of eldership. Elders have life-long wisdom and influence. In many societies older people are respected and have great influence. In our Postmodern society we are into youth. In fact I am often asked “how do we get young people into our church?” Whilst it is an understandable question, below it, is often the thought that inviting a young person is more valuable than inviting an older person. We are into “vampire” evangelism, we want fresh blood! Elders are like the Centurion (who because of his influence) whose whole household turned to the way. Elders are the gatekeepers in their families and in their communities, they are the authority figures. We should pray for a new vision of elders in our congregations,they have incredible invitational influence