The Corridor of Uncertainty – Invitation

The corridor of uncertainty is a phrase originating from the sport of cricket. It describes an area where a cricket ball can pitch during a delivery: a narrow line on and just outside a batsman’s off stump. The name is derived from the opinion that this is the area in which a batsman struggles most to determine whether to play forward or back, or whether to leave the delivery. The phrase has also been used in other sports commentary. In football it is commonly used to describe a cross or pass which is delivered into the area in front of the goalkeeper and behind the last line of defence. The “uncertainty” in this case comes from the decision which both the last defender and the goalkeeper must make: whether to defend the ball, or leave it to the other player. Invitation has its own corridor of uncertainty. We don’t invite sometimes if we are uncertain of the response, or if we think we are liable to be embarrassed by the response. But in both cricket and football for the side which chooses to exploit uncertainty there can be great rewards. For the defending side, if they show confidence in that corridor they grow immeasurably. The lesson for the inviter is not to fear uncertainty but run towards it and invite.