Invitation and the desire for connection

John Donne living in the 17th Century said “No man is an island”. Human beings do not thrive when isolated from others and so we all seek to be connected in someway. Connection brings life, we only have to look at the excitement over IPODs, Tablets and IPHONE and Blackberry’s. The use of texts and emails that people need to connect. This means for the Christian of today, despite perhaps thinking they have no friends other than ones in the congregation, the truth is that we will have a network of connections, whether that be through our families, our workplace, our community. Archbishop Rowan Williams recently said “we have been in danger very often of forgetting just how much we (as the church) still have in the bank. Just how much, not terribly deeply buried, wish there is for connection to be made, in the minds and hearts of a lot of people.

Invitation is one of the those ways to connect and our connection can bring identity value and meaning to a persons life. When Jesus said Go and make disciples I think he meant the first step was to connect.