Dreaming of Invitation

I can imagine a day when to double a congregation is just the norm. The Hebrew word for dream is ‘harlam’ which means to make whole or healthy. The Bible’s understanding of dreams is that they are a normal experience. For us today visions and dreams are sometimes limited to those of a charismatic nature or consigned to sit on a vision or mission statement on the wall of a church, passed unnoticed. We are so rational nowadays that dreaming seems weird. But athletes are using dreams, they have discovered that they can improve performance by running their race in their minds before they run the real thing.GK Chesterton said ‘that there is a road from the eye to the heart that does not go through the head’ For healthy churches we need to work out of both the mind and the imagination. So can you imagine a day when your congregation was doubled? Now build a foundation under that dream!