Invitational Patience and Wayne Rooney

Invitation helps the Christian develop one of the fruits of the spirit, patience. When I started to develop Back to Church Sunday
I was utterly stunned when church leaders turned down the opportunity of coming to a seminar to think about
a Welcome Sunday. I just couldn’t get my ahead around it. But over eight years I have discovered something called
the law of averages. That law says If you do something often enough a ratio appears. I discovered in the early days
If you communicate with 10 church leaders to think about mobilising invitation one church leader might say yes to me.
Now once the ratio started it tended to continue. I invited ten church leaders and one church leader says yes.
When I was new I made up in numbers what I lacked in skill so I would Invite 300 to get 30.
I found however that the law of averages can be increased by getting better. Communicate with ten get one,
then I got better I communicated with ten and got two. Now I Invited 300 and got 60.
The Law of averages applies to football If you don’t score in in six matches out of ten matches in the English Premier League
as a striker you get paid £10 million (Wayne Rooney). If you don’t score in eight matches out of ten in Premier League you
get paid £2.5 million (Peter Crouch). You don’t have to score in every match. In the same way the law of averages
applies to invitation in that not every invite has to be accepted in order to see fruit.

Like Wayne Rooney who might go through a bad patch, you have to develop patience and keep on