Invitational Love and JFK

Invitation helps the Christian develop one of the fruits of the spirit, love. As I have traveled around the world I have discovered that many churches focus on worship. I mockingly call them *can’t we just worship churches?” They are demonstrating to the best of their awareness the first commandment to love the lord our God with all our being. But the second commandment of course is linked and that is to love your neighbour as you love yourself. These are the two greatest commandments. Jesus invites us to love ourselves, and love our neighbour and then you will not be far away from the kingdom. Jesus was asked once “Master what leads to greatness?” and Jesus replied “find a way to serve the many”. Now one way of serving the many, is inviting our neighbours to love the lord our God with all our being through a simple invitation to something you love. John F Kennedy found another way to say what it means to serve, “Don’t ask what the country or people can do for you, ask what you can do for your country/people” Through invitation some of us will directly and indirectly impact the lives of dozens of people, Some of us will directly and indirectly impact the lives of hundreds of people. And some of you if you wish will directly and indirectly impact the lives of thousands of people If Jesus linked loving the Lord our God and loving our neighbour, perhaps invitation is the simpliest way of developing our love for ourselves, our neighbour and our God.